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Driver Responsibilities

As an independent contractor you are not paid hourly or an employee and so, when not handling an order, you are free to do more or less as you wish. However, you should still be readily available to accept orders at any time during your specified and requested shift.

Being available means:

  • Being reachable by phone ( Cell or Home)
  • Having access to a functioning and reliable vehicle
  • Having Appropriate Attire Readily Available
  • Having a leased hot bag and car topper, or having an approved hot bag and car topper already purchased by you.
  • Responding to order confirmation emails and text messages promptly ( 5-8 Mins or Less)
  • Being able to accept and leave for the restaurant within 5-10 minutes
  • Being within a reasonable travel distance on the primary delivery area

At the start of each shift you will need to contact the dispatcher at (888-220-5126 Xt 1 or 2), by both phone & messaging, approximately 30 minutes prior to your start time but not before you are available. If you are unable to work a pre-requested shift or will be unavailable for a portion of your pre-requested shift let the dispatcher know as soon as possible. Please be proactive and time any periods during which you will be unavailable to coincide with down times and always request advise the dispatcher first.

For each order you should do the following:

  • Confirm the order promptly
  • Check each order for e-store items and purchase them, preferably before pick-up
  • Notify the restaurant staff that you are there for a pick-up
  • If possible, check the order before leaving the restaurant
  • Obtain the driver copy of the order form if available
  • Keep the order in a hot bag during transit
  • Use the driver portal to update the dispatcher of the orders status
  • Obtain the customers signature on the order receipt (written or printed)
  • Smoking in car while food is in transport is Not Acceptible
  • Organized, Clean and Neat vehicles are needed to perform your duties, it is imperative that you keep your car in a neat, clean and orderly fashion at all times.

At the end of each week the driver must turn in/mail via USPS all paperwork to the corporate PO Box 494546 Garland, Texas 75049. This paperwork should include the receipt of each order and for credit card orders the customer’s signature. If an order is cash it is best to write up a receipt for record keeping purposes even though no signature is required.

Driver Portal

To track the progress of each order, allows you the use of the driver portal webpage. Through this page each driver can see which orders have been dispatched to them and see important customer information as well as specific mapping instructions to the customer. At the top of the driver portal is the driver chat option, which allows you to communicate with the dispatcher. Below the chat button is the list of current orders with the order number and status of each. Orders with (6:00 PM) next to the status are for delivery as soon as possible. If the number next to the status is not in the parentheses the customer wants the order at or near the displayed time.

Once you click on the order from the driver portal you will be taken to the orders detail page. This page contains the order number, quoted delivery time, restaurant, food order, e-store order, total and method of payment and the customers address, phone number and special delivery instructions. You are able to look up the location of either the customer or restaurant from this page by clicking the map button at the bottom (Customer) or the restaurant’s name highlighted in blue.

At the top of the detail page is the current status of the order and the button to progress to the next available status. When you reach the restaurant update this status to “Arrived” when you leave update it to “Enroute” when finished update to “Delivered”. This allows the dispatcher to know where you are with the order and to then assign you future orders. This process can also be completed through text message by replying to the order text with the order number (43000) followed by a -0, -1, -2, -3 for “Confirmed”, “Arrived”, “Enroute” and “Delivered” respectfully (43000-0). Use the driver portal whenever possible as this reduces the work load on the dispatcher.

E-Store offers your customers certain items that are not sold by the client restaurants and these are known as e-store items. All e-store items are listed after the restaurant items on the driver copy of the order receipt, which is also sent to your email. They are typically beverages but can also include disposable flatware among other things. The driver is responsible for purchasing these items and is reimbursed for the cost. The exact amount of reimbursement is listed on your end-of-week cash out email. If you are unable to find the exact product listed under the e-store item locate the best alternative and continue with the order.


Drivers are paid based on the orders delivered not hours worked. As such each driver is given 70% of the orders delivery fee ( The Delivery Fee is a combination of Delivery Fee and Processing Fee. The Driver ONLY gets the 70% of the Delivery Fee, the Processing Fee is withheld and goes to the company). Each order also has a suggested minimum 15% gratuity added to the order, which is given to the driver; there is no tip-share The customer may increase this tip at the time of placement but not after. Further, your customer may also elect to hand you additional cash tip at the door. If this happens, we expect you to advise your customer that the tip is already included (if it is on the order). If they still elect to hand you additional cash tip, then you should accept it and thank them again for their patronage.


Every one of your customers you deliver to each day should receive a current menu guide and a driver business card. Every Order, Every Customer, Every Time! Driver business cards will give you the opportunity to have customers request you to make their delivery orders now and into the future. It’s a great additional marketing tool and one we have found to assist us in growing customer retention for you.

At the end of each week a cashout report is compiled based on the orders which you cleared using the driver portal. This report will detail all driver delivery fee commissions, tips and e-store reimbursements. The total amount earned is shown as well. While most orders are paid using credit cards some orders may be paid in cash. To prepare for this it is best to carry $20 in cash primarily in $1 and $5’s, if you have any questions or concerns about a cash order contact the dispatcher or lead driver immediately. Any orders paid in cash to the driver will be deducted from the driver’s earnings for the week. If the total paid in cash exceeds the driver’s earning will make a request for payment through American Express Serve.

Equipment will lease you several items for use in making deliveries that will remain the property of and will need to be returned at the end of your final shift. These items include a Food Friendz car topper with power cord ( Value $150.00) and one or more hot bags (Value $69.99 Per Bag). Embroidered shirt(s) ( Value $25.99/Each) are given to each driver and the cost is deducted from your initial paycheck. Drivers are Charged $2.00 Per Day Worked Leased Equipment Fee. If No orders are taken during a Selected Shift, The $2.00 Lease Fee for Equipment is Waived.

At night it is important that your car topper be lit. This increases visibility both of you and the company which helps drive sales and enables customers to locate your vehicle at night if necessary. If you have equipment issues during your time with, please contact the lead driver for your area to have it corrected.


When using the car topper, be advised that you should refrain from speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour at any time. We ask that you adhere to any/all posted signs and drive cautiously. We do not condone reckless driving, speeding, texting while driving etc. All laws MUST be adhered to at ALL times with no exceptions. Any infractions made by the driver must be submitted to the Lead driver and to our company office within 24 hours of the said infraction.


The work week runs from Monday to Sunday, with the next week’s schedule being sent out on Sunday. Each driver’s availability for the following week should be sent to the lead driver on Wednesday and a schedule will be made from this availability. The company schedule is compiled on Thursday and so all requests for time off should be in to the lead driver before Thursday. is open from 9am to 10pm Seven Days a Week. Shifts are typically divided into three types: morning, evening and day. Morning shifts are 1030-4, evening shifts 4-Close and day shifts are from 1030-Close. Please remember that as a food service company our busiest times are Weekday Lunches, Weekends and Nights. As such, more driver contractors are needed at Weekday Lunch, Nights and Weekend making it more difficult to fill contractor requests for off time during these periods.