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OneClickEats offers ideal meal solutions for food delivery to your home, office meeting, hotel, dorm room or sales presentation. Providing the best in both variety, convenience, and service. OneClickEats is truly your BEST restaurant delivery solution.

Split Payments Now Available at One Click Eats

We have now added the ability for you to use multiple  payment resources at your check out. So if you want to pay by cash and card for a two person order, or utilize multiple people with multiple cards and cash, our system lets you do it as well on a large group order. The choices are endless. Try it now and see it work to your advantage.

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New Restaurant added

Red Plum Express Asian Cuisine

We want to welcome Red Plum to our platform. We hope you enjoy this new Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine option we have added to our Dallas marketplace.



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Help Us - Name our New Logo!

Our new logo needs an identity. How bout a name?

Help us name it, you could win a gift certificate for future orders.

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One Click Eats: Formerly I Gotta Eat

We are proud to announce the addition of I Gotta Eat customers to our NEW Website and family.

We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel of the website, and we greatly appreciate your support.

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